fora control room

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With extensive expertise in remote live production, we have developed an advanced global network of cloud systems dedicated to powering live content production. Fora Control Room’s decentralized production equipment provides increased computing resources on-demand. We take pride in offering unmatched scalability, reliability, and creativity to a diverse range of clients, from international industry leaders to local non-profit organizations.


Main Vision Switcher

Cut between live video sources

Animated Graphics

Robust GFX packages with live data

Video Playout

Roll in pre-produced packages


Seamlessly integrate slide presentations

Live Replay

Capture, edit, and play live


Multi-party line intercom

Redundant Record

On-location & cloud-based data integrity

Relay Server

27 local market encoders, globally


Mixed aspect ratio streaming

Camera Control

Shading, color, and return

Hardware Integration

Operate with physical control surfaces

Remote Client Monitor

Watch the crew work from anywhere

Play Video

Live on different screens, all at the same time

Produce live & VOD content for any device your audience is on.

With 27 local market encoders, audiences around the world can be reached when geo-locked platforms restrict viewing access.

Professional grade web app for remote production

fora bridge

Produce world-class shows with the extremely compact and efficient Fora Bridge. This system allows existing live production kits to be remotely operated by the director, TD, engineers, GFX op, A1, and producer.

20x 4K Cameras

Pair with ENG and digital cinema cameras

Camera Control

Shading, color, and return

4x SRT Out

Low latency streams over public internet

Aux Outputs

Hit multiple screens at the venue

Chroma Keyer

Composite in any digital background

Multiview Monitor

On-site team and client viewing

Around-the-clock Productivity

Do more while you sleep.  three times more.





Revo Studio


Traditional Agency

Exceptional Efficiency

Revo maintains an international network of crew and talent distributed around the world with over a decade of experience in multiple disciplines from conception to completion. Strategy, scriptwriting, production, post-production editing, and complete website design services are executed at scale. A record of 70 simultaneous projects in multiple local markets.

Revo delivers multi-lingual service three times as quickly as a traditional agency.