We innovate a range of keystone production solutions for our clients.

We invest in technological & organizational innovation. That unlocked post-production.

24-hour Multilingual Team

Multiple NLE Fluency

Cloud-based Technologies

Located in Irvine, California: a rising tech hub with Amazon, Rivian,
Panasonic, and Microsoft as some of our neighbors.

Social: Short Form

Selected work samples from Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment

Task: Concept & Produce a trailer for Apex Legends’ Year 5 Community Rewards Track Launch

Client: EA / Respawn
Timeline: 10 days
Tool: Premiere, After Effects


Task: Edit an Apex Legends “Dev Diary” interview and localize for Japanese

Client: EA / Respawn
Timeline: 21 hours
Tool: Premiere


Task: Produce a 13-part Community Spotlight Series for Apex Legends

Client: EA / Respawn
Timeline: 3 days
Tool: Premiere


Task: Produce multiple member testimonial videos for Optum’s social media campaign, one of the most successful in engaging during AEP

Client: Optum
Timeline: 2 days
Tool: Premiere


Task: Produce a highlight recap video of Observatory’s record-breaking festival event for social distribution after fans have gone home

Client: Noise Group / Observatory
Timeline: 15 hours
Tool: Premiere

Social: Long Form

Selected work samples with Electronic Arts, Netflix, Live Nation, GHC and Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra

Task: Edit a House Video for viewing on Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’s website

Client: Rahul Mishra
Timeline: 12 hours
Tool: Premiere

Live Nation

Task: Shoot and edit a live concert in LA and deliver to the New York office that evening for live streaming

Client: Live Nation
Timeline: 1 hour
Tool: Premiere


Task: Record & Edit a panel discussion of “True Story” for Netflix’s FYSEE website

Client: Afterglow Productions
Timeline: 2 days
Tool: Premiere


Task: Shoot and edit a safety overview video for GHC’s new website launch with Toyota Tsusho

Client: Green Hydrogen Coalition
Timeline: 7 days
Tool: Premiere, After Effects


Task: Produce a pilot episode of “Let’s Play” for Apex Legends’ social media channels

Client: EA / Respawn
Timeline: 14 days
Tool: Premiere, After Effects


Task: Translate and Edit a panel discussion of a “Squid Game” scene for Netflix’s FYSEE

Client: Afterglow Productions
Timeline: 2 days
Tool: Premiere

Task: Produce an introducotry video for Orange County School of the Arts’ Popular Music Conservatory for presentation & social media channels

Client: Orange County School of the Arts
Timeline: 7 days
Tool: DaVinci Resolve

Task: Produce a comedy special show for Lamont Ferguson’s “Aged Out” performance in Carlsbad, California

Client: Lamont Ferguson
Timeline: 14 days
Tool: Premiere

Branded Content

Selected work samples from Canon, Revo and ADL

Task: Produce a three-part series focusing on Cheryl Walsh’s unique underwater photography process

Client: Canon, Canson Infinity, Cheryl Walsh
Timeline: 14 days
Tool: Davinci Resolve


Task: Produce a mini documentary for Taufua Beach Fales, focusing on ailao afi – fire knife dancing

Client: Taufua Beach Fales
Timeline: 7 days
Tool: Premiere


Task: Produce an educational short film for ADL’s anti-racism course for youth audiences

Client: Anti-Defamation League
Timeline: 14 days
Tool: Premiere


Selected work samples from X Laurel's Thailand marketing content package

Mass Content

Selected work samples from Netflix & HBO Max

Around-the-clock Productivity

Do more while you sleep.  three times more.





Revo Studio


Traditional Agency

Exceptional Efficiency

Revo maintains an international network of crew and talent distributed around the world with over a decade of experience in multiple disciplines from conception to completion. Strategy, scriptwriting, production, post-production editing, and complete website design services are executed at scale. A record of 70 simultaneous projects in multiple local markets.

This allows Revo to deliver multi-lingual service three times as quickly as a traditional agency. 

Photo-realistic VFX

Limitless Creativity

Physics-defying worlds are now within reach of your creative wishes and budgetary needs. With RGB LED lighting and minor set design, the real world seamlessly meets the unreal world .

Extraterrestrial Planet
Custom-built Sets

Sign off on the exact look ahead of time. Every detail from architecture to furniture color is set according to our clients’ wishes.

Photorealistic Models

The days of complicated logistics are in the past. The Revo team reduces costs and time by producing content at scale.

Reality, Extended

Digital scenes rendered to mirror our world
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