Becoming a Complete Artist


Reminding photographers of the final, crucial step in digital photography: the print.


Putting the work and the artist at the forefront, this three part social series was specifically crafted to an at-home production tone that kept the attention off of the big companies backing the project. This also meant that the Revo team had to pull back and not allow their own shots to pull attention as well. This allowed Cheryl to focus on honestly describing her process, and in doing so, genuinely recommending Canon and Canson Infinity products.

All of the image capturing and editing tools available to photographers are perfect. The final step many photographers miss in their process is printing high quality artwork with a unique signature. Cheryl Walsh invites the viewer to learn from her, a fellow photographer friend in the industry.

"There are things you see in your print that you'll neer see on a screen."

3 Part Series