We produce and innovate a range of keystone production solutions for our clients.

Live Streaming Production

VOD + Photography Content

24-hour Multilingual Team

Located in Irvine, California: a rising tech hub with Tencent, Amazon,
Panasonic, and Microsoft as some of our neighbors,

a tech-focused creative studio with a passion for innovation.

What we do

Revo’s origins come from a foundation in producing live stream and branded content since 2012. Today, we build innovative solutions and produce creative work that keep our clients ahead.Our remote live production system was launched in 2019 just before the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated the growth of remote equipment & crew design. Revo now produces work with equipment deployed and staffed by remote crew members all around the world.

Why us

We are commercial film and television production specialists first. For over 10 years we have had the good fortune to have collaborated with some of the most creative and knowledgeable crews in the world. We get it—and because we get it, you’ll get better results. We understand what works best for the budget and how to implement it for maximum production value. In short, we have the experience and capability to deliver the productions and solutions you envision.

Digital Portfolio

Selected work samples from X Laurel's content package

Around-the-clock Productivity

Do more while you sleep.  three times more.





Revo Studio


Traditional Agency


Project & Account Management

Up to 24-hour availability for your team to work with

Creative Development

Complete pre-production services

Live & Commercial Production

Bringing world-class crews and equipment together

Post-Production Editing & VFX

Unparalleled efficiency & delivery timelines

Application & Web Development

Building new production tools from concept to launch

Exceptional Efficiency

Revo maintains an international network of crew and talent distributed around the world with over a decade of experience in multiple disciplines from conception to completion. Strategy, scriptwriting, production, post-production editing, and complete website design services are executed at scale. A record of 70 simultaneous projects in multiple local markets.

This allows Revo to deliver multi-lingual service three times as quickly as a traditional agency. 

Sample Team Leads

Sample Talent Pool

Fora Control Room

Years of experience in remote live production has led to the creation of a state-of-the-art, global network of cloud systems that power live and VOD content production. Fora Control Room provides for local-to-client, decentralized production equipment that circumvents the low chance of facility failures and increases the scalability of computing resources in just minutes. We are proud to offer this unmatched scalability, reliability, and creativity to international giants and local non-profits alike.


Main Vision Switcher

Cut together live feeds

Animated Graphics

Robust GFX packages with live data

Video Playback

Roll in pre-produced packages

Live Replay

Capture, edit, and play live


Multi-party line intercom

Relay Server

27 local market encoders

Redundant Record

On-location & cloud-based data integrity

Remote Client Monitor

Watch the crew work from anywhere


Mixed aspect ratio streaming

Play Video

Live on different screens, all at the same time

Connect with Fora Production Systems to produce live & VOD content for any device your audience is on.

With 27 local market encoders, audiences around the world can be reached when geo-locked platforms such as TikTok Shop restrict viewing access.


Unleash your full creative power

Play Video

Dream Big

Limitless Creativity

Physics-defying worlds are now within reach of your creative wishes and budgetary needs. With RGB LED lighting and minor set design, the real world seamlessly meets the unreal world .

Extraterrestrial Planet
Custom-built Sets

Sign off on the exact look ahead of time. Every detail from architecture to furniture color is set according to our clients’ wishes.

Photorealistic Models

The days of complicated logistics are in the past. The Revo team reduces costs and time by producing content at scale.

Reality, Extended

Digital scenes rendered to mirror our world
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4K Studio Cameras

DMX LED Lighting

Real-time Rendering

Live Stream Ready

VIP Experience


A diverse team of professionals are eager to speak with you in your preferred language

24-hour Availability

Teams in North America, Asia, and Europe provide efficient service at every hour

Black Car Service

15 Minutes from an international airport with private hangars for clients & talent